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Things to do in Northern Nevada

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The Purpose of This Website

When people come to the Truckee Meadows looking for something to do besides gamble, this website will provide family appropriate alternatives. The people who read and contribute to these pages do not have to be tourists, they can be people who live here too. It is a good place to find out what people are doing here in the Truckee Meadows and surrounding areas.

When I started to think about the color scheme for this website, I started with the body background and chose colors to compliment and contrast the pattern. My first background was an abstract flower pattern, but I later found a very neutral pattern that I thought would appeal to men as well as women and children. I still feel that the blues I chose for the website are very easy to look at. There is an example in the "links of interest" of a poorly designed website that is HARD to look at! While I was looking for pictures for my slide show, I found the wonderful picture that I decided to use for my heading. I was able to tighten up the spacing for the header when I added the picture. Then I decided to add one of the colors in the picture to the footer to tie the page together. I tried to make sure the text was clear and easy to read. I also kept the pictures below 100 KB's.

I decided to do a little Nevada history for the home page. The focal point of my Nevada home page is the video in the center of the page. I think my website is very easy to navigate and easy to read.

Features Table

Feature Description Page link
Audio Campaign commentary on KNPR Reno - Sparks
Video Embedded YouTube Video Nevada History
Slide Show Northern Nevada Pictures Northern Nevada Pictures
Images < 100KB Northern Nevada Pictures Northern Nevada Pictures
RSS Feed MCJ 178 Blog Nevada News
JavaScript Form with Validation and PHP Processor Subscription Form ( name must be longer than 3 letters, email address must be valid, one radio button must be selected and one season must be chosen from the list) Nevada News
Print CSS Print CSS for News Page Directory
Mobile CSS Mobile CSS for Reno - Sparks tested at iPhone Emulator - iPhone Emulator let me change from landscape to portrait to test the different heading colors! Directory
Other Mobile Testing Sites Mobile Phone Emulator and
Opera Mini
Purpose and Description Required for Final Project Features
Feature Table Items Required for Final Project Features
CSS To Accentuate Menu Items Not required Reno - Sparks
CSS Text Shadow Not required All pages title, heading, h2 and h3

All five pages have the following items: